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Encounter the vivid personalities, ideas, spaces, and new projects in the local arts & culture scene with host Angela Seals and our region’s cultural website,

Apr 8, 2021

We're live with wolves! Well, primarily with Erika Moore, Animal Caretaker Supervisor at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center to learn about tours and events at their beautiful sanctuary in Divide, CO. Learn about their education and advocacy efforts and the importance of reintroducing wolves into Colorado’s ecosystem. Upcoming event details at

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Peak Radar Live features live interviews, performances, behind-the-scenes access, sneak previews and personal tours highlighting the rich cultural life of the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. It has been hosted by Angela Seals of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region since 2016, now with production by Studio 809, alongside a rotating array of special guests from the local arts and cultural scene. (See over 70 videos of the local arts community at Peak Radar’s YouTube page.) Connect to hundreds of events, cultural guides, and creative initiatives year-round at

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